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Welcome to the website of cattery " MUFFIN "!

Registration CFA # 221217


All my cats are PKD DNA negative


My name is, Svetlana!

    I live in Moscow, Russia. My start-up cattery was registered in 2009, specializes in the breeding of Persian and Exotic short-hair cats, bi-color, van, harlequin with tabby shaded.

     In 2009, acquired the first Persian male (black&white van color) and EXO female. And, of course, could not stop the work only with this pair. I think experienced breeders will understand me and agree with me, how interesting and exciting to see the results of this creative work. My cattery is working on getting healthy and affectionate kittens open having puppet expression of face, with large, round, wide-set eyes, short strong body, small ears, most of these sweet and hot "muffins."

    All my animals have the most wonderful nature, they are very affectionate contact, ready to be with you every minute. About dogs say "understands everything, but can not say," I can say the same thing about my plush and furry pets.

    The breeding program is based on the use of lines of best cattery USA: Catillak, Jubileam, Ocalicos, Zhao, Purffurvid, Psymis ........ France: D * Eden Lover, Latin Lover ......



Welcome and exciting discoveries in my cattery !!!


Special gratitude to

Frederic Gaspard and Lidie Battesti, Valery B., Jeanne S.

for the wonderful pets cheering me and my family. For further information, please contact me: muffincattery@yandex.ru  или muffincattery@mail.ru

My website: www.muffincattery.com

Domain name: экзоты.рф


mob.tel.: +7 926 47-405-47

mob.tel.:  +7 909 965- 00- 87


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